The War on Drugs is Spiritual

A sad case of the power of drugs and the Christian duty to be salt and light in a sin hurt world.

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Kaylee Muthart terrified churchgoers earlier this month when she was discovered across the street from a church in Anderson County, South Carolina gouging out her own eyes. According to doctors, the 20-year-old had used methamphetamine laced with an unknown hallucinogenic. The Sheriff’s office also reported that “It took two or three of our guys and two EMTs” to subdue her enough so she could receive medical assistance. Kaylee later recounted to her mother that she had believed “the world was upside down” and she had “heard voices that told her to sacrifice her eyes in order to make it to heaven.”

Kaylee’s mother said her daughter had started using meth about six months prior to the gruesome incident, and she had been making plans the day before to have Kaylee committed so she could get help. For those unfamiliar with methamphetamine, the drug increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, a natural chemical that causes feelings of euphoria. However, each time requires a little more than the last time to get the same high. Her mother said that this addiction first started when Kaylee unknowingly used meth-laced marijuana.

We live in a hurting world that sees the effects of Adam’s first sin every day. Yet, there are also other forces at work, Satan and his fallen hosts prowling about like roaring lions seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), and to steal, kill, and destroy peoples lives and ambitions (John 10:10).

In the Bible, the Greek word used for “sorcery” is pharmakon, referring to “drug use,” “poison,” or that which inhibits one’s senses (Revelation 9:21). Drugs have the potential of opening a person up to suggestion, oppression, or even possession by demonic entities. This is why the apostle Peter admonishes Christians in the same verses that he speaks of Satan seeking someone to devour to be “sober-minded” (1 Peter 5:8-9), not giving Satan or his hosts a foothold that they can use to destroy you. I’m not saying that the voices that Kaylee heard were demons, but I am saying that demons are very active in the world and it could have been. The war on drugs is a spiritual war that will only be won by Christians and churches changing peoples hearts by the Spirit of God, not by courts who can only deal with the matter after the fact.

This sad case is another reason why Christians must never fall for the lies that drugs like marijuana don’t hurt people. The fact is, marijuana is a gateway drug no matter what proponents of it may say, and anything that dulls a person’s senses is putting them in a very dangerous position spiritually. Demons seek to destroy the life of anyone they can get their hands on. As Christians let us all say a prayer for Kaylee that if she is not saved, that she will find salvation in Jesus Christ. If she is saved, let us pray that the Lord will give her back these 6 months that the locusts have eaten and use her mightily for His glory.

via Mother of 20-Year-Old Who Gouged Out Her Eyes Speaks Out |

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