Has the Tower of Babel been found?

Is the archaeological find from last year the legendary tower of Genesis 11, or is the a cunningly devised deception to undermine the Bible?

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Last year, the Smithsonian Institution published the following video to their verified YouTube Channel titled, Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real. Yet, is the archaeological find the legendary tower from Genesis 11?

First, the video starts by saying that it is the subject of one of the strangest stories in the Bible, “but could it be based on the truth?” The question itself is cunningly framed to appear benign to Christianity, and yet, still attacks the authority of the Bible. The story of the tower in Genesis 11 is not “based on truth,” but it is truth, and this false assumption has ultimately led the Smithsonian to present the wrong tower as the tower of Babel.

This video has been shared by many in the Christian community who think it helps the Christian faith when in reality it undermines Christianity. The tower that is being claimed to be the tower of Babel is from the 6th century BC built by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, which was thousands of years after the time of Nimrod who lived just after the Great Flood of Noah when the tower of the Genesis account was built. Andrew George from the University of London is even featured as saying that this tower is what “inspired” the tower of Babel story.

That is, according to this propaganda, the story did not happen, but it was “based” on a historical tower. Christians need to be very wary and not get too excited when discoveries like this come down the pike. The fact is, whether archaeology proves something in the Bible true or not has no bearing on the Bible. Truth is truth and does not change regardless of what kind of discoveries are made. We must simply believe the Bible for what it says.

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