In memorium of my Grandma Shelman

Grandma Shelman, you will be missed.

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EFDABF03-14AF-490C-B97B-53510BBED42AMy grandma, Josephine (Caputo) Shelman, passed on from this earthly pilgrimage last week on June 12, 2018. She had been in declining health for several years and almost totally blind from mascular degeneration, but she had a very strong faith in the Lord Jesus. Although, she attended St. Rose Catholic Church for 50 years, she studied the Bible for herself and believed the Bible over and against what the Church or Pope may have said.

86160AE7-0945-4B8E-8D69-48D078BBA282I can only imagine what she is seeing now, her vision totally clear. It must have been for her like it was for the apostle Paul when the scales fell off his eyes, finally free and in the arms of her Savior. She enjoyed gardening, growing flowers, particularly African violets, and was Italian through and through.

The wedding of Phillip and Josephine Shelman, 1959.


Read more, Westbrook Funeral Home, Hazen, Arkansas.

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