Jerry Falwell, Jr. resigns amid multiple sexual sins, denies wrongdoing

The now-former president of Liberty University resigns; disgraces himself and the gospel.

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This story is very bizarre, Jerry Falwell, Jr., the now-former president of Liberty University has resigned in disgrace after posting several photos to his social media account that no Christian, let alone leader in God’s kingdom, ought to be posting. Furthermore, rather than expressing an attitude of repentance in his resignation, he actually denied any wrongdoing and gone so far as to blame his wife.

Now, I am not familiar with the details of this, but regardless of what sins his wife may be guilty of, his sins alone permanently disqualify him as a leader in God’s kingdom, his presence in leadership bringing disgrace on the gospel. There’s a reason that Scripture says an overseer is to be “above reproach.” Obviously, this does not mean either a pastor or seminary president or professor needs to be perfect, but there should not be something in his or her life that brings moral disgrace on the church or the gospel.

This reminds me very much of the man in 1 Corinthians 5 who was sleeping with his father’s wife; now Falwell has not done that specifically, but what he has done this month, even unbelievers know to be wrong just as Paul says of the sin in the Corinthian church. Falwell’s attitude toward the whole thing is clear grounds for not just disqualification for ministry but church discipline, to be put out of the church as an unbeliever. That is not to say that he would not be welcomed to come hear the gospel preached each Sunday, but rather, he should not be regarded as a brother, not invited to the Lord’s table with other Christians until he shows signs of repentance for such heinous behavior that even non-Christians know to be wrong. Justin Peters recently released a video going through this story and what led up to Falwell’s resignation.

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