Category: Bible Study

The Danger of Philosophic Speculations

The most insidious of attacks by Satan in most churches is the supplanting of theology with philosophy. What can Christians do to safeguard themselves from these subtle, often attractive, false teachings?


Jesus: Son of God and Son of Man

“Son of God” expresses Jesus’ relation to the Father while “Son of Man” expresses that He has reclaimed what Adam lost.

Jesus: The Master Teacher

Whether a person is an academic or layman, Jesus is the Master Teacher Who all people must follow. Therefore, in the local church, all are brethren.

Addressing our Lord, Jesus Christ

Do you speak the Name of Jesus casually or with reverence? His Name is not just another name; it is the name above all names.

Jesus: Carpenter or the Lord of Glory?

When we call Jesus “Lord,” what are we saying about Him? Do our lives match our declaration of Him as Lord?

Our Father in Heaven

God is not merely “like” a Father, but He is a Father, and it is important to call Him such.

The Use of Figures in the Bible

While the Bible does use figures of speech, many people today use the idea of figurative language as a cover for disbelieving Scripture.

The First Christmas Carol

Is Christmas a time to “cut the bands of religion” and what sort of day should it be for the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ?

America: Blessed and Judged

For all the problems plaguing this nation, we are still incredibly blessed. But why?

The Manifold Wisdom of God

What is the purpose of the church? Why do Christians gather together?