Hungering for the Word of God (1 Peter 2:1-3)

Michael delivers a sermon on 1 Peter 2:1-3 on the importance of reading the Bible. Peter knew that unless the next generation of Christians were taught to desire the sincere milk of the word and unless the true faith took root in their lives, they would be like the seed received in stony places in Matthew 13 and would only endure for a little while before the sun scorched them away. In this message, Michael shares what “junk foods” to throw out of your spiritual pantry in order that your faith in Jesus Christ will take root in your life and so you will not spoil your appetite for the Word on lesser things.

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Igniting the Fire of Revival (Leviticus 6:8-13)

Christians today no longer make burnt offerings for the Lord. Yet, does that mean that such a passage as this is no longer relevant? Far from it. The New Covenant did not do away with God’s Law, but changed the manner in which believers interact with His Law. Believers today have different responsibilities in relation to God’s Law than believers in Old Testament times. This sermon by Michael Kelley explains three priestly obligations for all believers today that are the seedbed of revival.

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The Grace of God to an Ungrateful People (Isaiah 1:1-3)

Do you feel as though the world is falling apart around you? Do your prayers seem to just bounce off the ceiling? Does God seem to be an angry, vengeful God to you? God’s people often live lives of confusion and impatience, wanting things to always work out according to their plans. This is human nature, but not God’s nature. In this sermon from the opening verses of the prophet Isaiah’s book, Michael Kelley shares two gifts that the Lord gives His People that we far too often take for granted and that remind us to be patient with His plan.

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